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RC Civils is the leading bulk and deep excavation contractor in Cumbria and the Northwest. Partner with our experienced team. Our expertise has been developed supporting clients and Tier 1 contractors for many years.
You can depend on RC Civils to deliver all of your excavation and groundworks requirements successfully. When civil engineering projects in Cumbria need skilled teams for deep excavations or bulk excavation, call RC Civils!
The RC Civils team is well-equipped to deliver complex infrastructure projects of any scale. The company’s expertise supports civil engineering projects from the excavation stage to drainage, concreting, sewer works and the installation of mains utilities.
Get in touch with us now and feel reassured that our team of skilled professionals can deliver efficient and effective solutions for your groundworks project.
Deep Excavation Contractors in Carlisle, Cumbria

Safety, Quality and Reliability

As trusted deep and bulk excavation contractors, RC Civils understands the importance of delivering high-quality results. We adhere to safety regulations and our risk assessment protocols emphasise safety. Our experience in groundworks assures quality, and reliability in every infrastructure project.

Our team of highly skilled professionals undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest industry standards and techniques. We utilise state-of-the-art equipment and employ best practices to ensure precise and efficient deep excavation work.

Reputable Deep Excavation Specialists

RC Civils is your go-to deep excavation company in the North West. Our team are highly experienced working in excavations. We prioritise the well-being of our workers, clients and the project throughout the process.

Our Proven Process

Site Preparation

Before the excavation process starts, we assess the site and plan the best approach for safety and efficiency. Evaluation of soil type and condition is carried out on the site. Water table levels are assessed, underground services are identified and located.
Potential hazards are risk assessed. We obtain the necessary permissions from local authorities.

Excavation Process

Once the site is prepared, we will begin the excavation process using specialised equipment. We will carefully remove soil and rock layer by layer, ensuring proper stability and safety measures are in place.

Shoring and Retaining Walls

Stability of excavations, especially when they are deep, is critical to safety and workflow. We provide comprehensive support systems, including retaining walls and supported excavation, to ensure stability and safety. If necessary, we will install bespoke temporary or permanent shoring systems and retaining walls to prevent soil collapse or lateral movement.


When excavating at significant depths, water seepage can be an issue. Water levels are managed to maintain a safe and dry work environment. Wellpoint systems, sump pumps, or other dewatering methods are used to remove excess water from the excavation site.

Excavated Material Management

We will coordinate with waste management services to dispose of or repurpose excess soil and rock responsibly.

Safety and Quality Assurance

RC Civils prioritises safety at all stages of the project as a responsible groundworks contractor in Cumbria. From ensuring that the excavation site is secure to checking that all safety measures are implemented. We conduct quality checks to confirm that our excavation work meets your specifications and standards.

Project Completion

Once the excavation work is completed, we will oversee site cleanup and restoration. We will remove equipment and restore the site to its original condition. We are skilled at coordinating with other service providers to seamlessly transition to the next phase of your project.

Tailored Services To Meet Your Needs

At RC Civils, we take pride in our commitment to delivering excellence in all aspects of groundworks excavating. From initial planning and site preparation to the final stages of construction, our attention to detail and meticulous approach ensure successful project outcomes. Our deep excavation services are tailored to meet your specific needs, regardless of the complexity or challenges posed by the site.

Exceptional Customer Service And Professionalism

As one of the premier excavation contractors in Cumbria and the Northwest, we have developed a reputation for our expertise and professionalism. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to provide exceptional services that meet and exceed expectations. We prioritise open communication, allowing us to understand your project goals and deliver results.

RC Civils has successfully completed numerous infrastructure projects throughout Cumbria and the Northwest. Our knowledge of the local area enables us to navigate specific challenges associated with the region's geology and ground conditions.

Talk To Us About Your Excavation Project

If you require deep excavation or groundworks services in Cumbria or the Northwest, contact RC Civils today. Our dedicated team is ready to discuss your infrastructure project requirements, provide expert guidance, and deliver outstanding results. Experience our commitment to excellence and let us help you bring your excavation project to life. Trust RC Civils for all your groundworks and deep excavating needs.

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